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Copyrights of Jacek Sroka
All reproductions of works by Jacek Sroka on this site are subject to copyright. Reproduction, retransmission, publication or other use of all or part of the materials published on this site without written permission from Jacek Sroka is prohibited. Reproductions of the works, the titles and the texts that appear on this site may not be used in any form of advertising, promotion, commercial publication or for any other purpose without the prior written permission of Jacek Sroka. 

Policy on use of copyrighted material
Jacek Sroka grants limited permission to use material contained on the website in the work of a strictly educational or scientific purpose, and solely in the form of links via tools available at the (function: "Add a link to"). 

Who is the user?
The user is someone who is a welcome guest service.

What is the user's account and offered possibilities?
The user account is created when you register on the site, by using the registration form "registration", available on the top menu or fill in a form when sending in a collection stored on site

What is the collection and gathering of collection?
Collection is a collection of reproductions of works by Jacek Sroka, which arises from the choice of selected reproductions of work ie click the "collection" located under the reproduction, which causes the transfer of information on the selected image to the set "collection".The collection displays a collection of reproductions in the form of a list of works collected during the creation of the collection.The collection provides service within collect a set of reproduction for the purpose of obtaining information about them, the choice of a set of works of interest to the user by looking at the exhibition or scientific studies on the creation of Jacek Sroka. Collection the site fun and is a form of assistance in obtaining information about the creation of Jacek Sroka.

Respect copyright laws.
The user account on the site assuming obtains no property rights, copyright, related to the posted on reproductions of works by Jacek Sroka. The publication of the work is a documentation and educational and is not an offer.You may not distribute materials contained on this site for example, by copying them to other websites, publicly display and distribute copies of files, obtaining any material benefit from their publication.Users can share selected materials using the mechanisms provided on the site:-Provide links using the "share on"-Use links to content on the site stored

What does the site have a collection
Having one or more of the collection stored in the user profile service allows the user to store a set of work and send a message to the author about it and lets him keep a collection that any user can return to it within 72 hours ...


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